Speaks4me® combines the PCS, Symbolstix or Widgit symbol sets with supported speech audio to allow the user to effectively “speak through pictures”.
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Speaks4me® is an electronic communications and voice output application device that was initially created for the founder’s young son Callum who suffers from severe autism and learning difficulties and cannot speak.

Speaks4me® is easy to learn and use, simply “drag & drop” the required picture image(s) from the main window to the “virtual” sentence strip to create a single or correctly structured multiple word sentence, then press “Speak” and Speaks4me® will speak the words.

Speaks4me® is similar to picture exchange Communication Books, so it is easily recognisable to children or adults already familiar with these and allows seamless transition and progression.

Key Features
  •   Easy to learn and understand using visual picture symbol images
  •   Use “drag & drop” to create a single word or multi -word phrase or sentence
  •   Includes your choice of either PCS, Symbolstix or Widgit symbol sets
  •   Supports independence of communication and expressive language
  •   Easy and simple to set-up and personalise by parents, carers or teachers
  •   Speaks using highly-realistic, computer-synthesised, human male or female voices

How to use speaks4me®

Speaks4me® works like a standard picture exchange Communication Books, but instead of physically removing the requested image symbols and “exchanging” the “sentence strip” as a physical communication exchange, Speaks4me® lets the user “drag & drop” the requested symbols or personalised graphic/photo images on the computer screen onto a “virtual” sentence strip. Once the phrase or sentence is complete the “exchange” is made by the student taking the Speaks4me® device and seeking the recipient, appropriately engaging their attention, then pressing the on-screen “Speak” button in the acknowledged presence of the engaged recipient.

How does speaks4me® work?

Speaks4me® is a sophisticated communication application that is fully and easily configurable through an administrator control panel. The user-interface is simple and familiar as it is based on the well established picture exchange Communication Books. It is highly recommended that Speaks4me® operates on a Windows 10 Tablet or laptop to facilitate the effective exchanging of expressive communication requests.

Click here to download a free 30 day trial of Speaks4me 

with PCS, Symbolstix, or Widget.

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