Rehadapt Floor Stand

This floor stand is ideal for mounting your Tobii or Grid Pad device securely and with great flexibility above a reclining bed, wheelchair, armchair, sofa etc.

The stand is detachable for easy storage. Base width 77cm. Maximum height 120cm. Maximum weight 0.5-6kg.

The Rehadapt Floor Stand is available in three models.

“Eco” Floor Stand

Plain and economic – the Eco floor stands offer basic functionality at affordable prices. Both the column and the base are fixed but the flexible arm allows a precise positioning.

“Tele” Floor Stands

Height adjustable – the Tele floorstands allow for mounting devices in elevated positions (e.g. for usage in hospital beds). The column includes a gas-spring to help you move the device upwards and can be extended up to 70 cm (27″).

“Vario” Floor Stand

Width and height adjustable – besides adjustability in height, the Vario floorstands offer a base with a variable width. This allows passing through narrow doors. Furthermore, the column can be centered or placed on a side.

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