4" x 5" Communicator for the Visually Impaired

Large illuminated targets!

Our state-of-the-art communicator for the visually impaired has large, brightly illuminated targets for activating your message choice. By pressing any of the icons or pictures it will illuminate your choice and play your pre-recorded message. Features: 
• 12 levels 
• 300 seconds of record time 
• Recordable level announcer 
• Works in fields of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 
• Two jacks for one or two switch scanning 
• Two switches with lights 
• On/Off Auditory Cueing 
• 4 modes of scanning - Inverse, Automatic, Two Switch, and Step 
• Adjustable scanning speed (1-12 seconds) 
• Headphone capability

Size: 50cm L x 43cm W x 10cm H.
Requires 4x C and 4x AA Batteries.
Weight: 3.4kg

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