Dwell Clicker 2

Dwell Clicker 2 is a Windows application that allows you to use a mouse or other pointing device without clicking buttons.

It is ideal for people with RSI and people who use alternative pointing devices such as a headpointer or joystick. Dwell Clicker has a 30 day free trial of its full feature set. After this point Pro features will require a licence.

Dwell Clicker features

  • Dwell Clicking - Dwell Clicker allows you to use you mouse, or any other pointing device without clicking.
  • Visual dwell display (Pro only) - During a dwell, the progress is shown with a circular progress bar
  • Target snapping (Pro only) - Dwell Clicker will automatically snap the mouse cursor to object that can be clicked on.
  • Click lock (Pro only) - Let’s you do the same click repeatedly, for multiple similar actions in a row


Dwell Clicker is a lightweight Windows program and works on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Download a trial copy of Dwell Clicker 2 here.

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