Skoolzy Shape Sorter Activity Cube Set

These seven toys in one infant and toddler pegboards are great for occupational therapy for children. The developmental toys can also be used for kids with autism and other learning disabilities.
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This on-the-go early development activity center and busy box is a Shape Sorter, a Shape Peg Board Set, a Foam Puzzle Play Mat, a Counting Stacking Mat, a Shape Matching Mat, a Baby Shape & Color Recognition Toy Activity and a Sorting & Stacking & Nesting Baby Toy. It is child friendly for occupational therapy and fine motor skills games.

This pegboard play cube attracts your child’s attention and encourages imaginative play. The pegs are over-sized and chunky for little fingers to grasp. Children can drop the 24 vibrantly coloured pegs into the open cube… or through the shape-sorting puzzle mat sides. Each peg shape fits through a hole of the same shape on the cube for self-correcting play. An early-learning opportunity for a 10 month old as baby’s first blocks and as shape sorter for older children.

The interactive cube has 6 sides of play to encourage discovery and exploration. When your child is ready for a little more challenge they can move on to sorting and stacking the peg shapes. This is a great time to introduce the basic colors and shapes as they play. This makes it an ideal toys for younger children and as they sort and stack and learn to identify and match shapes and color recognition. The Skoolzy Shape Sorter Cube is a fun way for you to extend play.

The Shape Sorter encourages counting, learning and identifying more complex colours and matching advanced shapes. There are 12 different shape types and 12 colours to learn as your child progresses. An illustrated downloadable guide helps identify the names of the shapes — from the simple circle, square and triangle to the more advanced trapezoid, octagon and hexagon. Use the shapes and math counting foam peg boards as counting toys. The 6 peg boards make early developmental toys.

The easy-to-carry backpack makes it easy to carry and store the whole set around - even for crawlers, scooters, and emerging walkers. Great as a busy bag take-along toy for holiday travel and doctor visits.

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