Skoolzy Jumbo Beading Set

A great way to learn colors and shapes and hone in on logical skills.
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This children's stringing beads creativity craft and game is ideal for smaller children. This set of lacing toys comes in a handy carrying case to keep everything neat and contained and includes 36 beads and 4 strings for hours of endless fun. This set of beading toys makes an ideal gift and also a great occupational therapy toy and activity. 

These bright and colorful beads for stringing and lacing are jumbo-sized for little hands! Beading is a fun way to practice hand and eye coordination, learn colors and develop fine motor skills at home or school ; a skill needed for writing later on. This activity is a precursor to writing. 

  • Durable enough to pass down to the next generation
  • This set includes a variety of 36 beads in different colors and shapes. 
  • 36 durable plastic lacing beads - shape and color will vary (2.54 - 3.81 cm) 
  • 4 lacing strings (91 cm) 
  • 1 tote bag