Skoolzy Rainbow Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups

A great fine motor skills development toy for children.
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This educational math games toy, includes sorting and counting activities for children which will help to develop those cognitive muscles. Kids will become masters at this colour sorting activity as well as mathematics. Watch as they grow, learn and play at the same time. 

This teddy toy makes for a great kids math games for children. Use it with our dice, bear train extension kit or with number cards. Can also be used as bath toys for bath time! The counting bears can be used for pre-math and as occupational therapy toys. They make for one amazing addition to your child's learning toy collection. 


  • 60 small bears - in 6 colors (2.54 cm tall) 
  • 6 Plastic Matching Cups (8.89 x 7.62 cm) 
  • 1 storage container with lid (17.78 x 7.62 cm) 
  • 1 eBook activity download