Meteor Vibrating Watch

Tactile vibrating watch, pebble-shaped in dark blue colour

The Meteor is a Swiss designed watch that allows you to tell the time discreetly as it emits a series of vibrations at the press of a button to denote the hours and minutes.

This 12 hour watch fits in the palm of your hand and is small enough to easily fit into a pocket or handbag. It is fitted with a small metallic ring attachment on the back, which allows you to affix a lanyard or chain so you can also wear it around your neck if preferred. Meteor is a water resistant watch. This means it is splash and rain resistant and if dropped in the water, it would float.

This watch cannot be used in thermal waters and at a temperature of 38°. It should never be used in a hot shower, sauna or hot tub. The extreme heat would damage the watch.

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