Learning Resources Fresh Picked Fruit And Veggie Tote

This set of soft, plastic produce is so realistic you may be tempted to take a bite.
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  •  Tote filled with nutritious, freshly designed produce invites early dramatic play
  •  Inspires speech development and social interaction
  •  Durable canvas tote encourages conversations about recycling and making environmentally conscious decisions
  •  Assortment of 16 colorful fruits and vegetables
This set of soft, plastic produce is so realistic you may be tempted to take a bite! Invite friends over to make a salad, create a grocery store, or run a restaurant. Playing with others supports turn taking, sharing, and collaborative storytelling while enhancing expressive and receptive language. As children delve into the world of make believe, these realistic foods can help build language skills. Take content vocabulary beyond labeling and talk about nutrition, growth, development, and healthy lifestyles. Sort the foods into groups to enhance children’s understanding of each food, build vocabulary, and identify similarities and differences.
Wholesome home-grown fun with a man-made menu brings healthy choices and nutrition into a child’s realm of understanding. The size of the fruits and vegetables are made for small hands to easily grasp. The bag, too, enables all the fruits to fit with room to spare for extras children may want to add to their shopping experience—like their own coupons or wallet! Canvas tote measures 20.32 cm x 22.86 cm.