Cooper Kai Skel A1 Keyboard Case with Backlight for iPad

Aluminum clamshell design with built in power bank for Apple iPad Air 2/Pro 9.7, iPad Pro 12.9 and iPad Mini 4
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What if we told you, you could essentially transform your iPad into a bona-fide MacBook Pro? Well, the aluminum Clamshell will do just that, it's about as close as you can get to upgrading your iPad to a laptop. With a built-in battery pack it gives you extra battery life for your iPad or iPhone that connects via USB. Seamless typing is ensured by scissor cut keys with 7 backlight colors and a handful of shortcut keys to make your life easier. You'll love how much faster you can get things done on the iPad now that you've found its significant other.
  • Dedicated case for iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 & iPad Mini 4
  • Clamshell clamcase design - looks like the MacBook’s little brother with up to 125 degree viewing angles 
  • Sturdy case to store and transport the iPad when not in use
  • High quality aluminum alloy shell with quick iPad release button
  • Sleep/Wake function puts your device to bed when you close the screen (not available for iPad Air 2)
  • Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard with scissor cut keys for a familiar typing experience on an English QWERTY layout
  • 7 color LED backlit keys with 3 levels of adjustable brightness
  • Helpful hotkeys allow you to switch between apps, perform tasks and change settings by barely lifting a finger
  • Extra battery life courtesy of a 2800 / 5600 mAh (iPad Mini 4 & iPad Air 2 / iPad Pro 12.9) power bank with regular USB port - enough for 50% iPad charge/ full iPhone charge
  • 100 hours continuous working time with Power charge indicators
  • 13 (iPad Mini, iPad Air) or 15 (iPad Pro 12.9) hotkeys including Home, Decrease Brightness, Increase Brightness, Virtual Keyboard, Search, Copy, Paste, Previous Song, Play/Pause, Next Song, Mute, Volume Down/Camera Shutter, Volume Up, Lock Screen, Switch Language
Weights and Dimensions:
- iPad Mini 4 - 210mm x 149mm x 20mm / 469 grams
- iPad Pro 9.7 / Air 2 - 247mm x 183mm x 16mm / 625 grams
- iPad Pro 12.9 - 311mm x 236mm x 17mm / 1118 grams

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