Barney the Beagle

Part of what makes Barney The Beagle so enjoyable is how thoroughly he captures the spirit of what real dogs would say if they could talk.
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Another factor is the sheer adorableness of his playful puppy voice. As he wiggles and walks across the floor, Barney unleashes a stream of words full of adulation for his master, mingled with funny little details about his day. This goes on for a full 60 seconds at a time, triggered by squeezing the ON/OFF button on Barney's front paw.

The hilarious, run-at-the-mouth enthusiasm this walking, talking 14-inch animatronic plush toy expresses makes kids every bit as excited as their new canine companion. Kids' reactions include wide-eyed amazement and enormous smiles accompanied by verbal responses of their own, a playful, joyous dialogue that unfolds between child and dog. Barney comes packaged in a colorful, reusable dog house play box.

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