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Most people are unaware how long they continuously use their mouse or just leave their hand on the mouse without mousing. This is why this has been developed - not just an ergonomic mouse, but an ergonomic mouse which helps you to modify your behaviour.
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Break Mouse is the new HE 70° vertical mouse with the extra innovation that indicates with colours how long you have been mousing without a break. It is the Traffic Light Mouse.
Green means "good to go", orange means that you should take a little (micro) break and red means that you forgot to take your break or that your maximum number of daily mousing hours has been exceeded.
Copying the Traffic light colour makes it easier to recognise the need to take frequent short breaks. These vital breaks will help prevent overload of small muscles and tendons in the arm, wrist and hand which
helps you to easily (all be it subconsciously) change your behaviour.

Indicates with colour signals how healthy you work and when to take a break! Lights change every 10 minutes from green to orange and 1 hour green to red but can be programmed/updated in the software.
Has the special HE Large and Medium wired ergonomic vertical shape to prevent twisting of the forearm.


Break mouse has the specifications and benefits of the standard right hand wired HE mouse large and medium size but adds the new traffic light rest colours. Forward and Backward bars are located beside the thumb rest groove. 

Product size

Medium 105mm long x 83mm wide x 76mm high: Large 110mm long x 93mm wide x 79mm high.


Windows XP and later.


Cable length - 1600mm. 4 buttons plus scroll USB plug. Plug and play.

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