ShapeIt Finger Stylus

The ShapeIt Finger Stylus is a pointer and stylus offering that you can fully adapt to your personal needs.
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You can change its shape over and over again until you have the perfect match and fit for your unique situation. And it keeps its shape that you bring it in, until you change it again. As such, it becomes a natural extension of the body.

Because you are unique

The inspiration behind the ShapeIt product line is the fact that every human body and motor skill is unique. From a product and designer perspective, this would suggest a custom solution for every situation. E.g. different shapes, dimensions, angles, etc. This challenged us - in the context of gripping aids - to develop a small set of tools that you can adapt to your own situation. 

The innovation

The ShapeIt Finger Stylus is part of a (r)evolutionary innovation: the ShapeIt Stylus moldable editions. It’s a set of gripping aid shapes for touchscreen use and typing, made from a sandwich material that you can adapt to your personal needs. The first three shapes are Finger, Flex and Strap.

The works

Built from a thin core of aluminum alloy and sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam, the ShapeIt styli can be bent according to your needs, becoming a natural body part extension. The ShapeIt items are steady though incredibly lightweight (around 0.4 oz / 12gr), and offer many variations to address almost any assistive gripping need. 

You can shape it! 

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