ClearView C Speech 24-inch HD Video Magnifier

The unique design provides you with more working space and helps you to read your favourite newspaper, enjoy craftwork or write a cheque without being restricted in movement.
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  •  Continuous magnification: 1.5X – 75X (optional: up to 170X)
  •  Superior High Definition 1080p video processing for ultra-sharp and vivid images
  •  24-inch full colour TFT widescreen display
  •  Point & Read functionality: intuitive touch interface
  •  Full letter page viewing
  •  Assistive reading with automatic text zone recognition
  •  Fast text recognition (OCR)
  •  Over 60 reading voices in 30 languages
  •  Saving and opening documents on a SD card or USB stick
  •  Large icon and large font menu
  •  Volume and speed control
  •  Digital photo viewer
  •  Built-in stereo speakers
  •  SD card slot, USB port and headphone jack
  •  Adjustable brightness and contrast
  •  Integrated lighting for even illumination
  •  Easy-glide reading table with X and Y direction adjustable friction and X and Y brake
  •  PC connection to switch between ClearView C and PC image
  •  Dimensions base unit footprint: 42cm x 51cm
  •  Weight: 18.9kg
Read long documents with Text-to-Speech

The ClearView C Speech can instantly convert any printed text into speech. It makes it possible to have access to information in a way that is most comfortable and easy to you. Especially long texts are now easy to read.

Point directly at columns or words with Point & Read

To scroll through documents, swipe with your finger on the touch screen and select the text of your interest by simply pointing at a paragraph, column or word. It is that easy!

See the whole page and navigate quickly

The ClearView C Speech displays full pages and automatically identifies the document layout. This ensures that you navigate quickly, you always know where you are and never lose your place. 

Store your documents or view your favourite photos

With the ClearView C Speech, you have the freedom to save important letters or books or view your digital photos. Store the documents or view your photos on a SD card or on a USB drive and access them when they are needed.

Choose for comfort and design

The ClearView C is designed to make reading more comfortable and to complement the interior of your home. The high quality materials and sleek design provide a contemporary look that is inviting in any room. The setup mode can be adjusted to either Compact Mode for daily use, or Comfort Mode for reading large documents, such as newspapers and doing crafts.

SKU: 004-CVC24W
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