Moozi Switch

A low profile switch joystick for children and adults.

Moozi's flat base is just 2cm high, so the user can hold their hand in a natural and comfortable position, making control easier and reducing arm strain and fatigue. It has a smooth, light sliding action so, with the right choice of handle, even young children soon use it with ease.

With its standard 9-pin D-connector, Moozi can be used to drive a wheelchair with Dynamic DX Masterswitch controls. Using an appropriate adaptor it can also operate other switch operated devices, including PC mouse functions. Moozi is simple to position on a tray or table top, using Velcro or an alternative.

Available in red, blue or black with gun metal grey base and knob.

Available with a variety of interchangeable knobs: Mushroom, T-Bar and Cow Horn bar.

  •  Activation force 190g
  •  Mounting options Adhesive / Velcro®
  •  Activation area 30mm (Mushroom), 90mm (Cow Horn bar), 100mm (T-bar)
  •  Auditory feedback No
  •  Tactile feedback No
  •  Visual feedback No
  •  Termination: 9-pin D (female)
  •  Cable length 100cm
  •  Switch type Push to make (Normally Open)
  •  Battery None
  •  Activation range N/A

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