Fosmon Youth Series Stylus Crayon

Fosmons Youth Series stylus pen for kids is designed to make learning with touch screen devices fun and easy
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Made with a comfortable crayon style design that allows kids to easily handle and hold onto the stylus while having fun. The Youth Series stylus is well balanced and thicker than most styli to make gripping easier for young learners. The stylus is extra sturdy and has a durable soft rubber tip which helps to prevent scratches, fingerprints and other damage to your touch screen tablet or device. The Youth Series stylus is the perfect accessory for your kids to play with while learning to use touch screen devices.
  • Compatible with all tablets, touch screen devices and smartphones
  • Helps young learners to write, draw, drag and point
  • Includes 5 different colors
  • Works with millions of Apps
Perfect for helping young learners with hand-eye coordination along with learning to draw, color and write. Fun crayon design stylus pens come in 5 vibrant colors. Extra durable soft rubber tip prevents scratching or damage to the screen of your device, and the thick grip makes it easier for children to handle and hold.

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