Mountbatten Braille Whisperer with Bluetooth

For children and their teachers, from very early childhood to university, Mountbatten offers connectivity, resources and software to support flexible teaching and educational needs.
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The MB Learning System has been designed for children who need Braille. It is a fun and inclusive introduction to Braille literacy and provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. Extensive research and development has resulted in a design suitable for the very first stages of Braille instruction through to high school and beyond.

Teachers and peers will have no reasons to complain about the noise. They will in fact enjoy having a Mountbatten in their classes because now more than ever before all participants can easily read and write in either print or Braille.

Those that have seen it were wowed by its power and features, including an improved battery that will hold charge four times as long.

  • As a simple tool it can be used to develop awareness of Braille symbols and characters.
  • An easy correct and erase function means children are more willing to write their ideas.
  • Audio response reinforces learning and tells what commands are being entered.
  • With the addition of a Mimic, teacher supervision becomes easy and continuous.
  • Connect a PC keyboard to enable sighted teachers, peers and family to write in Braille.
  • Braille-to-print as well as print-to-Braille translation available.
  • It can be used as a graphics embosser encouraging the development of tactual skills.
  • Connect the Mountbatten to a PC and send files back and forward.
  • Literacy through Braille opensup the world of communication and expression - essential for living successfully. Braille fulfils needs that cannot be addressed by verbal and audio methods.

Learn mode
  • Uses a limited command set to facilitate the introduction of the Mountbatten to new students. All key presses are spoken and the command key is enabled.
Advanced mode
  • Enables students to use all features of the Mountbatten once they have learned the basics of Braille in Learn Mode.
Braille Keyboard
  • All keys have been arranged ergonomically to fit fingers comfortably.
  • Texture, shape and colour support identification.
  • A light touch response enables ease of use and hours of brailling.
  • Simple correction and erasing function.
  • Can be set in one-handed mode if required.
Bluetooth enabled to communicate with iOS devices
  • 20 character by 4 line LCD display that allows easy supervision of the student by sighted teachers
  • Connects to the allocated Mimic Serial port
  • Stores up to 32 pages of Braille as text, enabling review of work in progress or to check back over previous work
  • Battery operated and portable

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