Super Core for Grid

A full core vocabulary that focuses on simplicity. For Grid 3 on Windows or Grid for iPad.
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Super Core vocabulary makes it easier for early AAC users to get going with symbol communication. This research-based vocabulary combines core words with language focusing on everyday routines and play, to keep learners motivated and having fun!
Super Core is available in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad.

Everyday AAC
Super Core provides a full and consistent core vocabulary that focuses on simplicity, and includes the most functional and commonly used words.

It supports AAC use throughout the day by organising activity-specific vocabulary alongside the core, and encouraging communication within daily routines and play activities. 

The grid set is easy to learn, for both the learner and the people supporting them - no matter their method of access. 

Super Core highlights
•Full and consistent core vocabulary 
•Activity-specific grids for everyday situations - e.g. dressing
•Easy sentence building with smart grammar tools
•Users of a range of ability levels can explore vocabulary and learn meaning
•Manageable cell count with 54 locations
•Super Core Learning Grids with 12 or 20 cells, for individuals at the very early stages of learning language
•Accessible with touch, switch, pointer and eye gaze
•Developed by SLT Daisy Clay, grounded in research and experience in the field of AAC

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