Text Talker for Grid on PC or iPad

All-new Text Talker for fast communication
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Text Talker is the latest communication resource from Smartbox for literate people without speech, available in Grid for iPad and Grid 3.

Use this powerful grid set to quickly generate messages in the moment and prepare for conversations in advance.

What's new in Text Talker?

Text Talker is packed with innovative features, for efficient and natural conversation.
  • Patented Chat History technology remembers everything you say, and suggests phrases based on where and when you last said something
  • Powerful SwiftKey prediction increases your rate of communication
  • Quickly speak pre-stored phrases for common situations and interactions
  • Switch between conversations with ease and save messages for later
Message Banking

The new Message Banking feature enables people who still have some speech to capture and recall it from within the app. If your access needs change, you can continue to use Text Talker and all your banked messages as you transition from Grid for iPad to Grid 3. 

Text Talker is a free grid set included with the Grid for iPad app and Grid 3 for Windows.

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