Contour Roller Mouse Free3

Roller Mouse Free3 eliminates reaching for traditional mice, and there is no gripping necessary, avoiding the thread of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis
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RollerMouse Free3 brings you ergonomic design, precision and quality with the added benefits of more speed, extra buttons and optional wireless technology. The wrist rests are also removable which helps to give the Free a smaller footprint to fit into smaller workspaces. 

RollerMouse Free - Key Features:
  •  Revolutionary rollerbar provides single finger point and click functionality
  •  Adjustable click force on rollerbar (5 levels of tension) using simple knob under RollerMouse
  •  Rollerbar click function can be disabled using dip switch if user prefers using buttons
  •  Smooth sliding steel rollerbar coated with soft rubber for excellent feel and cursor control
  •  Long Lasting - Optical sensor reads bar movement using the latest technology, nothing to wear out
  •  7 user definable buttons and a scroll wheel
  •  Buttons configurable for Click, Double-Click and Draglock via dip switches or software (depends on version)
  •  PC and Mac compatible (USB only)
  •  RollerMouse Free3 features two new buttons for forward and back in most Internet browsers, with a lower click volume to not disturb your workflow.
The fully open, more stable rollerbar allows for room to move and accommodates varying shoulder widths. It also has a sturdy aluminum base and a quiet click.

Dimensions: 381mm x 114mm with wrist rest attached. 381mm x 76mm without wrist rests.

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