Connecting Glow Tiles

Create your own illuminated patterns with this fascinating set of multicoloured magnetic tiles that light up when connected together.
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Discover the colour of each tile as you connect it. Ideal for using technology to underpin learning. Use for sorting, matching, pattern and sequencing activities. Includes 25 x glow tiles (five of each colour), 1 x rechargeable power hub.

Each tile has 2 magnets on each side. The tiles will light up when north and south are joined together. Please note that to power the tiles, they must be connected to the power hub. If north and north/south and south are joined, the tiles will not glow.

Connect one to the power hub then create lines, patterns and mosaics that will glow as long as they are connected. Can you find all the green tiles? What sequences can you make? What happens when they are not connected? How many red ones are in the line?

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