Mouse4all for Android

Mouse4all is an accessibility solution that allows the use of an Android tablet or smartphone without touching the screen.
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It enables access to the Internet, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, social networks, games and any application. Mouse4all works with a connection box and an Android App. It is very simple to install and can be used with one or two switches, a trackball mouse or a joystick.

  •  Includes Augmented Cursor.
  •  Use up to two switches (3.5mm).
  •  Trackball and joystick compatible.
  •  Customisable acceptance time, scanning and cursor size and colours.
  •  USB powered and offers easy installation.
  •  Dimensions: 48mm x 47mm x 16mm.
  •  USB connector for mouse, trackball or joystick.
  •  Requires Android 4.4 or higher.
  •  Free App downloadable from Google Play.
  •  Doesn’t require batteries or an external power supply as it is powered by the Android device through the connection cable.

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