Springboard Keyboard

The SEN/Early Years Keyboard has a simple layout and offers an ideal introduction to keyboarding. This chunky and bright keyboard has both uppercase and lowercase letters on colour coded keys.
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The Springboard Keyboard is an accessible keyboard that eliminates the need for a keyguard and aims to remove risks posed by dead skin, broken nails, and germs that keyguards trap and hide from view. A bright green built-in back light makes the letters on the keys high-visibility.  It has an anti-microbial surface, can be wiped with anti-bacterial wipes, and even washed in a dishwasher (ensure USB is covered with included cover) to reduce the possibility of infection spread.

The recessed keys can prevent unwanted key presses and it’s useful for anyone with Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, or other coordination or tremor difficulties. A raised surface above the keys offers support to those with Muscular Dystrophy.

The Springboard Keyboard has been specifically designed, created and produced by a person with Cerebral Palsy who identified a requirement for it, we are pleased to support Lime Assistive Technology by listing this innovative product.

Dimensions: 43cm x 17.9cm x 1.7cm.

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