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With AMAneo BTi you can now operate your iOS device with any assistive or ergonomic mouse.
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The AMAneo BTi is an adapter for your iPad or iPhone which will enable you to have full mouse control over your device. This innovative piece of technology is the first of its kind and will make it easier for students who cannot use touch screens to access iOS devices for activities including using the internet, watching videos, playing games or communicating. With AMAneo BTi you can now operate your iOS device with any assistive or ergonomic mouse.

AMAneo BTi works with iPhone 5s/iPad 4/iPad Mini or higher without any additional app. Simply connect AMAneo BTi via Bluetooth: the touch pointer will then appear on the display.

Easy to set up

The AMAneo BTi connects to your iPad or iPhone using Bluetooth. This is quickto do, and doesn't require any additional apps or wires. Once you plug yourmouse into the AMAneo BTi, your pointer will appear on the screen and you'll beready to go! 

Switch Accessibility

Two switch ports are included so that you have the option of connecting two external switches to operate the left and right mouse buttons, giving you even more options for how you want to use your device.

Ergonomic mouse & tremor filter

Millions of people suffer from a severe hand tremor. The severe tremor makes it more or less impossible to operate an iPad or iPhone. AMAneo BTi has an innovative anti-tremor filter and additional functions for assistive mouse use. These features enable many people to use an iPad or iPhone for the first time.

Assistive mouse

Until now, people with severe physical disabilities can only operate an iPad or iPhone by switch control, via the iOS. This is labour intensive, as you have to jump from function to function and can never "click" something directly.

With AMAneo BTi it is possible to operate an iPad or iPhone directly with an assistive mouse (head mouse, joystick mouse, foot mouse, mouth mouse, finger mouse etc.).
Additional Features

  • Works with any mouse or assistive mouse including track ball, joystick, head mouse, thumb mouse and more. Access the AssistiveTouch menu to use all of the functionality of the hardware buttons of the iPhone or iPad.
  • Customize additional access features including left click, click and drag, and auto click.
  • Up to 20 hours of operation, and can be charged using a micro USB. 
  • Adjustable options for the anti-tremor filter, click delay and auto click (click timer)

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