BeeRaider One Handed Keyboard

Available in two different layout options.
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Both the Optimized and QWERTY keyboards are programmable. You can automate the execution of a sequence of frequently used commands in any application. So for example, you could do this in your spreadsheet application by using the macro-record program that comes with our keyboards. This is a great way to take the tedium out of oft repeated tasks when using an application. Just use the macro-record feature to record the command-key-sequences and then name-save the macro(s) for future loading with whatever applications you intend to use them with. Because you have 5 programmable keys on your one handed keyboard, you can (at any given time) assign a different (application specific) macro to each of these 5 keys for use with your current application.

Compact Design
The main-key-cluster has a much smaller footprint compared to that of a standard QWERTY keyboard - which amounts to a footprint space saving of approximately 33%. This space saving reduction is achieved without sacrificing key-cap-size; in fact many of the key-caps are much larger while the smallest key-caps are equivalent in size to those found on the standard QWERTY keyboard.

Because of the compactness of the one handed keyboard, there’s a big reduction in finger-travel-time leading to increased data-entry typing speed.
  • The Optimized keyboard, owing to its logical design, offers even further savings in finger-travel-time.
  • Keys are offset and are bigger for the hand or hand’s weaker fingers and so encourages their use
  • The operator can naturally position their hand or hands over the keyboard with ease and the inclusion of sticky-key operation means that you don’t need to hold down the shift-key when typing other combination characters
All of the above help to reduce operator discomfort and fatigue, especially for one handed keyboard operators

The Optimized keyboard has been expressly designed to be logical and efficient in use, facilitating increased user productivity, it has been specifically designed to minimize finger-travel-time. The layout of the alphabet characters are positioned in accordance with their frequency of occurrence in the English language, so that they fall more readily for use by the more agile index and middle fingers. This greatly reduces the amount of finger-travel-time thereby increasing your speed of data-entry.

The location of the alphabet keys on each keyboard is relatively easy to memorize but more so with the Optimized keyboard, whose alphabet keys layout can be memorized using our training material in only 10-20 minutes.  If you stop to think about it, almost everyone who uses a standard QWERTY keyboard would not be able to tell you where all the alphabet keys are located on it. Even people who have been using the standard QWERTY keyboard for many years are unable to do so. The reality is, it’s not a very logically designed keyboard and as a result it isn’t very efficient to use.

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Picture of Optimized - Wireless Radial Keyboard & Mouse
Optimized - Wireless Radial Keyboard & Mouse
The layout of the characters on the "Optimized" keyboard are arranged so the most commonly used letters are closest to the index and middle fingers for greater speed and productivity.
Picture of QWERTY - Wireless Radial Keyboard & Mouse
QWERTY - Wireless Radial Keyboard & Mouse
The layout of the characters on the "QWERTY" keyboard closer to the layout of a standard keyboard.
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