Flipper Big Button Remote

Flipper Big Button Remote is specifically designed for anyone who wants to simplify their TV viewing experience.

Proprietary Favorite Channels

In Flipper, you can set the user's Favorite Channels. Eliminate thousands of useless channels,and only get the content they want. Set 25-30 (depending on the box) and enjoy!

Locking Set Up

Often, a user will press the wrong button and change the programming, leading to confusion for all to reset the devices. But in Flipper, the settings "Lock" thereby preventing mistakes.
No more midnight calls to fix the TV!

Works IR Devices

Flipper is a replacement Universal Remote and works IR (Infrared) Devices. Some cable companies like Xfinity and Dish install their devices in RF (radio Frequency). Make sure to "Activate IR" in their boxes, and Flipper is good to go!

Set it and Forget it!

Flipper enhances your loved one's independence because they don't need help for the TV. It also allows you to concentrate on other more important tasks.

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