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Create Your Own Sentences!
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This product is now only available to purchase as an ex-demo unit - in fully working condition.
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Open up a world of communication choices with the innovative Phrase Maker.
The device allows the user to combine 15 of your pre-recorded words or short phrases to create their own unique sentences.
Now those with non-functional speech have the freedom to say what they really want!

The device has FOUR modes:
- Auditory Queing
- Single Switch Message Entry
- Beep Acknowledgement
- Standard Communicator

The Phrase Maker has a total of 40 seconds of recording time per level for a total of 288 seconds for the unit.
Comes with two adjustable legs to increase the angle. The back of the device opens to store your icon sheets.
The Phrase Maker can also be used as a standard 7-level communicator that speaks your pre-recorded message as you press each key.

Requires 4 AA Batteries

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