7 Level Communication Builder

This communication builder grows along with you - start with one message and grow to sixteen.
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This product is now only available to purchase as an ex-demo unit - in fully working condition.
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About Communication Devices for those with Disabilities
For many people with disabilities, communication can be challenging. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices are designed to help users communicate without needing to rely on spoken language.

Enabling Devices’ 7 Level Communication Builder eases communication by allowing users to play back recorded messages by pressing lightly on a touchpad.

Benefits of Communication Devices
Communication devices make speech possible for many people with diverse abilities. Progressive communication devices like this one allow users to develop communication skills, convey messages to others and interact with people from a distance.

Even better, you can add vocabulary as communication skills and needs increase — our best-selling progressive communication builder grows along with you. Start with one message per level, and expand to sixteen on seven levels for a total of 112 messages.

7 Level Devices Compared to Other Communication Devices
Our seven level communicator can record and play back seven distinct sets of messages, so it can communicate a wide variety of ideas. The large number of messages gives users more options.

This device provides increased message options by decreasing the amount of record time for each message as frame number goes up, making it a good option for communicating either short or long messages. This communicator also uses the same frame setting for each level, unlike our four level model.

Who Are 7 Level Communication Devices Made For?
Our seven level communication device is designed to generate speech for children and adults with complex communication needs. People who benefit from our device may be diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, ALS or down syndrome, among other conditions.

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