Squidgy Gel Range

Children are fascinated by sparkly things and the Squidgy Gel Range is no exception. A mesmerising hands-on resource for endless hours of exploration!
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Fantastic for sensory and calming activities. Great as a stand alone product or combined with other classroom resources. These 57 squidgy sparkle shapes also work as a terrific light box or overhead projector resource! Recommended for ages 3+ years.

Available in 3 theme packs; Squidgy Gel Shapes Set of 10 (RE59637), Giant Squidgy Sparkle Circles Set of 7 (TTS514), and Squidgy Sparkle Numbers Set of 10 (TTS576).

Light Box Gel Animal Tessellations (RE35041) – A set of 40 colourful and sensory light box shapes. Children can create animal patterns and tessellations with these gel-filled shapes. The set includes different animals such as elephants, dogs, birds, fish and lizards. The largest animal light box shape measures 12.5cm high. Each of the gel filled shapes also features glitter for an extra sensory experience.

Giant Squidgy Sparkle Circles Set of 7 (TTS514) – Set of 7 large dazzling coloured squidgy sparkle circled filled with 2D shapes to encourage early shape and colour exploration. Great for children to play with in their hands to squidge, bend and shape. Each circle measures 19cm in diameter and comes in 7 bright colours.

Squidgy Sparkle Numbers Set of 10 (TTS576) – Filled with safe colourful liquid and glitter, these Squidgy Sparkle numbers can be folded and squeezed. A fun and engaging introduction to literacy and mathematical concepts. Includes 10 numbers, each measuring approximately 15cm.

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