WordQ 5 for Windows or Mac

WordQ 5 supports users of all ages by offering state-of-the-art word prediction, speech feedback, proofreading and more. WordQ can be used virtually anywhere you type on a computer, online or offline, helping users realize their full potential and gain confidence in their communication and self-expression.
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WordQ 5

Floating Toolbar

Easy-to-use interface supports online and offline writing across desktop applications.

Word Prediction

Advanced word prediction helps with spelling and grammar using three levels of vocabulary with a background prediction dictionary of 80,000 linguistically aligned words and phrases appropriate for elementary and secondary schools; profanity and bias-free.

Speech Feedback

High-quality speech feedback allows students to hear what they write in a clear and pleasant voice to immediately capture mistakes independently.


Proofreading mode guides students to readily find and correct spelling and grammar mistakes.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition with integrated SpeakQ technology supports students who have difficulty with conventional dictation software.
(Available for Windows only)

Integrated PDF Reader

Open PDF documents for accessible reading and writing. In addition to general reading of a PDF document, fill out forms, complete assignments and tests that are provided in PDF format with the full functionality of WordQ.

ThoughtQ Technology

ThoughtQ technology integrates dynamic topics to help students research and write about an unfamiliar topic.

WordQ 5 Pro

WordQ 5 Pro is a writing skill improvement and compensation tool that works on top of any Windows or macOS application where you write,both online and offline. Both post-secondary students and professionals can benefit from using WordQ 5 Pro, including English Language Learners (ELL),Second Language Learners. WordQ 5 Pro offers advanced usage examples that highlight specific parts of speech from a 110k-word Advanced Vocabulary bank (Uncensored).

Minimum System Requirements

CPU: 2-core 1GHz
Memory: 2GB
Disk: 2GB free space
OS: Windows 7 and up / macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
(WordQ PDF requires macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later)

Internet connection required for software activation

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