WordQ for Chromebook

A simple standalone text editor is used for writing with the support of word prediction and speech feedback features, matching many of the key features of our desktop WordQ software and iWordQ for iPad.
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Writing with ease 

It runs offline, and you canopen and save documents on your Google Drive (when online) or locally (whenoffline). The intent is not to replicate all the features of Google Docs, butto offer a much simpler supportive writing space for note-taking, initialdrafts and editing with minimal formatting. 

Advanced word prediction 

Predicted words are displayed as you type. Even if you are creative in yourspelling, WordQ will still accurately predict. Usage examples are provided tohelp distinguish close-sounding words (including homonyms). As you move throughyour text, predictions are shown accurately in-context. The included vocabularyis for people who are writing at a secondary school level. It includes about15,000 words commonly used at a grade 7 and above. The associated backgrounddictionary includes about 88,000 English words, plus common proper names forthis country.

Hear what you write 

WordQ speaks back letters, words, and sentences as you type. Any combination ofthese may be used. Words from the prediction list are read out loud. Note:WordQ is specifically not designed as a universal text reader. Text reading isintended to help in the writing and editing process.


One of the most beneficial uses of WordQ is proofreading sentences, which usesboth visual and spoken cues to help you find mistakes in word order, word form,missing words, grammar, spelling and punctuation. By listening to the flow ofwords you can hear whether it makes sense. You can often hear mistakes that youdon’t see. A special proofreading mode uses the following approach: focus on asentence; hear your sentence spoken; step through the sentence word-by-word tolocate any mistakes (e.g., you may hear two words that sound wrong together, oryou may have left out a word out); edit with word prediction support; thenlisten to your sentence again.


You can emphasize predicted words within a topical area. If you also havethoughtQ for Chrome, you can easily import topic lists automatically createdthere. 


Documents are compatible with Google Docs (with some limitations) as text-only.A Google Docs document with notes and references created in thoughtQ forChromebook can be opened in WordQ. WordQ suggests words to use and providesspoken feedback to help you find mistakes. Users of all ages who have strugglewith writing and editing can benefit from using WordQ.

Requirements - latest release of Chrome OS on Chromebook

WordQ for Chrome will no longer run on Chrome browsers on PC or Mac devices - onlyChromebooks.

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