SwitchIt Weather Extra

Explores the weather theme with a group of characters designed to appeal to both young and older children.

Covers sun, wind and rain and their effects - keeping warm, keeping cool and a selection of meteorological phenomena such as thunderstorms and rainbows. You can even go sledging or jump in the big puddle! Use keyboard, mouse, switch, touch monitor or Intellikeys.

SwitchIt! Weather Extra can be used in 3 different ways:
  •  Event Sequences: 12 little animations each based upon a simple theme such as lunchtime assistant. Each sequence has 5 steps, carefully chosen to maximise speaking and listening.
  •  Picture Building: build pictures and see them animate, or use the one-step option for basic cause and effect.
  •  Flash Cards: flip through a selection of large pictures that relate to the theme.
Also included is a new Picture Menu. This will allow non-literate students to choose which story or picture they would like to play, from a selection chosen by the teacher or carer.
Learners who use switches to access a computer need a range of software in order to motivate them to develop their ability to use switches. The computer can also give them relative independence in learning new concepts. The SwitchIt! series from Inclusive Technology is designed to help switch users develop and demonstrate understanding of language concepts, as well as develop their ability to use switches.
SwitchIt! Weather Extra has been designed to develop and demonstrate understanding of cause and effect through pressing a switch (or other input device) to build a scene.
  •  Choose how many steps it will take for each scene to be completed.
  •  You set the length of reward after each switch press.
  •  Picture menu allows children to choose scenes for themselves.
Animated rewards motivate success. In order to facilitate ease of use in an inclusive environment, SwitchIt! Weather Extra can be configured for those who use...
  • one or two switches;
  • a touchscreen or mouse;
  • an IntelliKeys keyboard or;
  • a Concept Keyboard.
Settings, or Preferences, can be saved and loaded at any time for use by a particular user. Suitable for all ages.

Extra Resources!

SwitchIt! Extras include these great resources, activities and worksheets:
  • Computer Activities
  • Each program has additional on-screen activities around its theme. Use a mouse, touch monitor or interactive whiteboard.
  • Worksheets
Each title has many worksheets for you to print out, including:
  •  Dot to dot
  •  Odd one out
  •  Fill in the missing letter
  •  Matching words to pictures
  •  Colour flash cards
  •  Story sequencing cards
  •  Colouring pages
  •  Number work 1 to 5
  •  Number lines
  •  ‘Talk about’ cards
  •  Tracking activities
  •  Small picture cards - for matching, memory games, sorting or lotto.
Braille Worksheets

The program includes many worksheets designed to be printed onto swell paper and put through a heat machine to create tactile activities.

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