Circle Liquid Floor Tiles

Playtime and early learning have never been more fun than with colorful and interactive liquid floor tiles.

These non-slip, leak-resistant 30-cm liquid tiles are designed to let children hop, dance, play games, and jump around creating colorful designs and patterns that move with them. And because they have children relax and have fun they’re great for those who need extra sensory stimulation or to help parents and teachers keep kids more focused when it matters most.

These liquid-encased sensory tiles are tear and leak resistant to hold up against playing games, dancing around, and hopping and boast a non-slip backing to ensues they stay in place during play.

Product Details:

  •  Color liquid moves with every step, jump, dance or hop. Perfect for sensory play.
  •  Ideal for dance floor, classroom, play room, daycare, fashion shop, bar, or for store setting, etc.
  •  No need for any installation.
  •  Durable, solid construction, leak-proof.
  •  Anti-slip backing. Easy to move, but will not slip around.

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