AACtivity Communicator & Musical Instrument

A highly versatile communicator and musical device with eight buttons, 8 levels and 8 minutes of recording time. The AACivity also benefits from 64 pre-recorded sounds arranged in 8 categories. Supports single or two-switch scanning and can also be used with SimplyWorks wireless switches.

Selecting the Freestyle Music activity allows the unit to be used as a single octave piano, whereas selecting the Music Scanning activity allows the user to play well-known songs by following the scanning lights. Once a song is completed the user is rewarded with the song being played back at normal tempo.

  •  Eight legendable buttons for ease of access to multiple messages.
  •  Eight minutes of recording time across eight levels.
  •  64 pre-recorded sounds arranged in 8 categories:
                 Animal sounds
                 Modes of transport
                 Musical Instruments
                 Loud sounds
                 Indoor sounds
                 Outdoor sounds
                 Miscellaneous sounds
  •  Freestyle Music activity turns device into a single-octave piano.
  •  Music Scanning activity allows user to play well known songs by following scanning lights.
  •  Music Playback activity plays one of eight well known songs.
  •  Supports single and two-switch scanning.
  •  Toy output and external microphone socket.
  •  High-efficiency 3 Watt internal loudspeaker.
  •  Dimensions 51 x 28 x 6cm.

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