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Apple iPod Touch

Picture of Apple iPod Touch
When you see iPod touch for the first time, you won’t believe your eyes. But when you hold it in your hand — that’s when you get how unbelievable it is. It weighs next to nothing, yet it’s no lightweight. It still does all the gaming, surfing, messaging and everything else you love, more powerfully than ever.

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Apple Universal Dock

Picture of Apple Universal Dock
The Apple Universal Dock offers easy access to a USB port for charging and syncing your iPod or iPhone or for connecting to a TV or speakers. It includes the Apple Remote for easy control from across the room.

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iMainGo®X Speaker Case for iPod touch

Picture of iMainGo®X Speaker Case for iPod touch
An all-in-one protective case and speaker combination for your iPod touch or iPhone. Can also be used as an external stereo speaker system for any device with a 3.5mm connection, including the iPad.

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