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Choiceworks App for iPad

Picture of Choiceworks App for iPad
The Choiceworks app is an essential learning tool for helping children complete daily routines (morning, day, & night), understand & control their feelings and improve their waiting skills (taking turns and not interrupting).

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Boardmaker 7

Picture of Boardmaker 7
Teach more efficiently with the world’s leading symbol-based special education solution. Support learning and communication in the classroom, therapy room or home with this trove of customizable material, including access to over 45,000 Picture Communication Symbols (PCS).

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Handshoe Mouse

Picture of Handshoe Mouse
HandShoe Mouse: The Ultimate Solution to Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock

Picture of MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock
A friendly repeating reminder notifies you of the time, the date and which daily dose to take.

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Tinted Math Books A4 - Pack of 5

Picture of Tinted Math Books A4 - Pack of 5
The notes in their workbook don't have to move around! These A4 tinted books are now available in nine pastel colours containing 48 pp, 10 mm squares.

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Wobble Switch

Picture of Wobble Switch
The Wobble Switch is intended for use by any body extremity that can press against the wand.

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