Assistive Technology Division


The Assistive Technology Division of DTSL  is a leading New Zealand provider of specialised software and assistive technology solutions. We are committed to sourcing quality products from around the World for individuals, organisations and disability groups to meet the requirements of our users.

Our role is to work alongside the Assessment teams and Government funding agencies within Education, Health and the Accident Compensation Commission. We directly support Disability Groups, Support Agencies, Families and main stream education.

We have a large network of International specialist suppliers assisting us with innovative and unique solutions to empower the individual user. These companies keep us appraised of new products, technical support and knowledge, along with Global trends and Assistive Technology advancements.

We also design and manufacture specialised control equipment to meet the unique requirements of our customers with disabilities, learning difficulties, and communication impairments.

The Assistive Technology Division was established in 1981 by Catherine Brill. Catherine’s background brings a combination of skills and experience through nursing, teaching, and contract work for specialised government organisations.

We are a New Zealand company supporting our New Zealand clients with leading edge products and solutions. Let us know how we can help you.

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