Training Onsite Support and Assistance

Onsite Training and Support

DTSL Assistive Technology is well known for their fun and motivating training sessions. Our aim is to ensure that all learning styles are catered for. The majority of our sessions are hands-on and we allow for plenty of repetition so new skills are able to be practised. We will do our very best to make the content relevant to you and your students.

C-Pen Overview and Hands-On

1 hour

This session is designed to take an in-depth, hands on look at the benefits and features of the C-Pen Reader Pen. 

  • Text Reader
  • Dictionary
  • Scan to file and "keyboard" function
  • Voice memos (recorder)
  • Left to right hand switching
  • Speech volume, speed and other settings

We will also demonstrate the other 3 devices: Dictionary Pen, Exam Reader and C-Pen Connect.

Literacy Support Tools 1

2 hours

During this session we work with a range of tools that may assist learners with a literacy need and in particular students with dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. Sessions can be customised and may include some or all of these products.
  • C-Pen Reader Pen
  • Dragon Professional Individual (voice typing)
  • C-Pen Dictionary Pen
  • Neo Smartpen
  • Mind-mapping programs
  • Word prediction 
  • Phonics apps
  • Sequencing apps
  • Maths apps
  • Auditory processing

Literacy Support Tools 2

2 hours

Hands-on session using WordQ and Inspiration with an overview of Dragon Professional Individual.

WordQ 5 - offering state-of-the-art word prediction, speech feedback, proofreading, enhanced topical web searches to help with research, projects, papers, and more. WordQ is more than a spelling and grammar check, and can be used virtually anywhere you type on a computer, online or offline, helping users realize their full potential and gain confidence in their communication and self-expression.

Inspiration - mind maps provide students with a natural way of thinking

Dragon Professional Individual - looking at how this product works, where it can assist and who can benefit from using it. 

Specialist School and Child Development Units

Full day

These onsite sessions are customised to meet the needs of each school. We can run repeated sessions so that during the school day different groups can attend. The sessions, depending on whether we are working with SLT, OT or teaching staff may include any or all of these products sets:
  • Switches and interfaces
  • Mounting systems
  • Eye-gaze and alternative access
  • Communication devices and software
  • Cause and effect toys
  • Cause and effect software
  • Sensory


Half or Full Day

iPads are provided for the training session.

The iPad apps we focus on give a more in-depth level of functionality and create a greater scope for learning. These apps will support many students struggling with literacy, numeracy and communication. 

The session can be fully customised to meet the needs of your teachers and the training day could cover a range of apps or be a shorter session focusing on a single app. 

  • Book Creator
  • Clicker Sentences
  • Clicker Docs
  • Clicker Connect
  • Bitsboard Pro
  • Kidspiration Maps
  • A+ Spelling Test
  • Auditory processing
  • Sequencing
  • Phonics apps
  • NZ Money apps and much more


Half or Full Day

Netbooks can be provided for the training session.

  • Intro to using core Chrome Apps - Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms
  • Add-on tool within Google Docs
  • Voice notes
  • Creating worksheets, questionnaires and more with Forms
  • Literacy support tool extensions and apps, such as WordQ and Read&Write

Customised Session

We can tailor a training session to a specific area that you'd like us to cover.

Let us know what you would like us to go through and we can work out a plan that suits everyone.

For further details contact us at call Catherine on 0800 370-198, or Tomas / Michael on 0800 864-382.

Let us know how we can help you.