Evaluation Trials

Evaluations and Trials

We have a vast range of hardware and software products available for evaluation and trial onsite with the purpose being to evaluate the item to see if it meets the needs of the individual.
What we have

The hardware and software we have available falls under these broad categories. Click on the area of interest and a list of items currently available for evaluation trial will appear. If what YOU want is not on that list let us know – we would be keen to look at adding it as a product. We welcome your comments or suggestions.

Request a trial

If you know what you would like to borrow please email atinfo@dtsl.co.nz with your request. Please include the Inventory ID codes of the items you are keen to evaluate, and we will organise this for you.
If you are unsure which item would be best or need some suggestions email us atinfo@dtsl.co.nz or call us on 0800-370-198. 

If your school is looking to increase the current software range or has specific areas for learning you wish to cover – let us know the areas you are wanting to cover and we can put a range of software programs together for your team to evaluate. 
If you have any questions or simply looking for ideas – call us 0800-370-198 or email us on atinfo@dtsl.co.nz  

Let us know how we can help you.